Yackandandah Mountain Bike Track Network Yackandandah

A small band of hardy volunteers travelling under the name of Yack Tracks Inc. in collaboration with the land managers (DELWP) have been busy in the Stanley State Forest.

Our goal has been to create a sustainable network of well mapped and well managed long-form cross-country mountain bike trails highlighting the mining heritage of our local area that will be attractive to locals & visitors alike.

Utilising established design principles, the trails are both low profile and very low impact. Remnants of the area’s mining history, in the form of water races are distributed throughout the forest providing a ready-made framework of shallow gradient links between more flowing trails, at the same time dramatically reducing the amount of earth that has needed to be shifted during construction. The soils of the area have a high clay and loam content and once settled provide an excellent riding surface that exhibits good grip and erosion resistance.

Care has been taken to avoid the ‘spider web’ effect that afflicts many mountain biking facilities, riders need not be stopping every 200 metres to confirm their position or decide on their next move. We have created long unbroken segment lengths to allow riders enough time to fully embrace the track flow and enjoy their surroundings.

The trails range from easy to intermediate level, providing a safe but enjoyable ride experience.

Head out of town on Bells Flat Rd.  Click on the "View Brochure" link on this page for the Yack Tracks map.

Check out the Yackandandah Cycling Facebook page for updates and alerts.

Green Loop – Shack Track

3.3km   20 minutes   70m of climbing

An easy loop with route options for skill building. After you have mastered the basic green loop take the right-hand turn (black & white sign) to Bogan’s Run, if you conquer that one take the left-hand turn on to Carcass Canyon, with those two under your belt you can tackle any Yack Track!

Red Loop – Diggers

18.5km   1hr 40 minutes   415m of climbing

The premium Yack Tracks loop with a little bit of everything! Start with the Shack Track climb before tackling Highway to Hill, use the sections of shallow gradient water race (thanks miners!) to break up this long solid climb then rip home via Diggers Decline, Minty Badger and the evocatively named Bitch’n Moan’n. Sounds complex but all you need to do is follow the red arrows.

Purple Loop – Kokoda

15.5km   1hr 30 minutes   433m of climbing

Another great Yack Tracks combo with just a little more spice. Crank right off the Shack Track climb on to Lello’s Link, then roll 1.9km on the Willow Tree Tk fire road to the entrance of Shark Attack on your right. With Shark under your belt you have a (RH) shorter bail-out option to get you home if the legs are suffering or hit the testing climb of Reo. From the Reo summit enjoy the 5km descent of Kokoda, ride Lello’s in reverse and cruise back to the trailhead via Shack Track (follow the green arrows). Of course you may choose to divert on to the Diggers Loop (red arrows) at this point; it’s only an extra 17km......

Yellow Loop – Ground Effect

17.2km   1hr 30 minutes   500m of climbing

***Warning*** – The Reservoir Race section of this loop has steep gradients close to the track. If you are uncomfortable in this situation, avoid this loop.

Our link across to the historic Twist Creek and Rocky Point mining areas. Leave the trailhead via the access road, turn right across Yackandandah Creek, at the peak of the hill look left and follow the yellow arrows. There is a shorter bail-out option available after the Wheely Wavey climb but if you’re still powering on, head over the top of the ridge and enjoy Port Hill descent and 2Up climb before heading home via the Birthday Route.


Bells Flat Rd, Yackandandah, 3749