Historic Streetscapes

Yackandandah Motor Garage - built in the 1850's as Samual Cunningham's store and later converted to a carriage showroom by Louis Meurant.

Butcher - made from local red brick, there had been a butchers shop on this site from 1858 until becoming Gumtree Pies in early 2016. 

Dean's Store - this double stored brick building was built in 1866, using local red bricks. Once a grocery, then drapery, orders were delivered by horse and wagon. 

Nette's Bootshop - Built around 1865, like many structures in town, originally with no verandah. For some time it was Andrew Nette's boootshop, with his workshop adjoining. 

Star Hotel - Built by James Cardwell in 1863. The dining room was a later addition and was on the site of the Haig's Bakery.

Athenaeum - now the Museum, the Athenaeum was built in 1878 and housed up to 3,000 books. It was the social and intellectual centre of the town, with "two reading rooms, a few stuffed birds and a boomerang or two".