Explore Yackandandah


One of Australia's prettiest villages with a centre classified by the national trust, Yackandandah is nestled in the foothills of Stanley State Forest and steeped in the legacy of gold.

Today the town is home to many acclaimed artists, from potters to painters, sculptors to stitchers. Wander the stunning streets of Yack and discover unique artworks, crafts, music and antiques in the eclectic mix of galleries, shops and studios.

Take some time out in Yack and enjoy a relaxed pace, the fruits of a vibrant and active community and an emerging events calendar.


We're enjoying every last minute of these beautiful Autumn days! ...

Catch Liz Stringer this Saturday in Yackandandah before she jets off to the USA! ...

In Yack for the weekend? Don't be afraid to step outside town and explore Allan's Flat! It might be too cold to swim (or not!), but the scenery is amazing.

[Landscape across a lake with big clouds in the sky and trees on the far side reflected in the still water.]

Come visit us in Historic Yackandandah! Take a ride through Yack Tracks on your mountain bike, enjoy a hot pie from one of our beautiful bakeries, and taste some high quality spirits at BOTH of our distilleries.

[A green sign reads 'Historic Yackandandah gold discovered 1832' under a tree with autumn leaves.]

Just can't get enough of these misty Yack mornings and autumn colour.

[A landscape of a shed in the distance which is surrounded by fog. Red leaves of an oak tree enter from the left.]

Happy Easter! If you're visiting Yackandandah this holidays don't forget to tag @exploreyackandandah or #yackandandah to share your photos with us.

[A child in a white, brown and pink dress reaches down to collect a colourful Easter egg from the grass.]

What's your favourite street to walk in autumn? Can't miss Main St!

[A country street is lined with tall trees with yellow autumn leaves. Several cars are parked underneath.]

It's beginning to really feel like Autumn in Yack! Cold mornings really have a way of waking you up 🎇 ✨

[The white posts of the Soldier's Memorial Garden fence are back lit by brilliant orange leaves and a tall pine tree.]