Yackandandah Scenic Gorge Walk

Yackandandah Gorge

Conveniently, The Yackandandah Gorge Scenic Walk starts off from the centre of town, so you can have a good nosey in the shops and galleries before lacing up those boots and hitting the trail. It’s worth strapping on some decent comfy shoes, as this walk is approximately 7km and a few sections that get a little wobbly. If you’re not up for the full 7km, take a drive out to the carpark on Bells Flat Rd, which is located nice and close to the Gorge… it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone you cheated.

Yackandandah Art Mural of vinatge truck
The Yackandandah Star Hotel and Streetscape

The full walk follows the path of the Yackandandah Creek out of town, where the sparkling temptation of gold would have attracted thousands of prospectors back in the 1850s. The Gorge is a leftover from these heady days, and was blasted by dynamite and exposed by water race mining technique, to expose the gold that was hiding in the granite below.

As you pass by the local tennis courts, keep those peepers open, scanning the clear waters of the creek. You might be lucky enough to spot the elusive local platypus. Known to be quite shy, this beautiful little monotreme (you can use that when you get home), has been known to soak up the sun as he’s fossicking for a tasty lunch of bugs, grubs and yabbies.

When you reach The Gorge, kick of those boots and find yourself a nice spot under a shady gum tree. The sounds of the water cascading will lull you into a total state of bliss.

We’d recommend timing your return to town with eating o’clock. Some of the region’s best loved dishes are served up in Yack. People have been known to drive quite the distance to get their hands on a flaky delight at Gumtree Pies. You can most definitely stick to the aussie staples like Steak and Pepper or Steak and Mushroom, nothing like a classic done right, but we suggest you wrap your laughing gear around a Panang Curry Pumpkin pie. It’s everything.


If you’re up for a bit of a sit down affair, wander up to the Star Hotel. These clever little clogs spend their days smoking, basting and test tasting delicious meats and brewing up the good gear just up the road at Two Pot Brewery. Red Gum Roasted Lamb Ribs and a pot of American Pale Ale please! 

If you’re keen on round two, there are lots of bite-sized walks around Yackandandah, each one taking you on a historic tour of this charming pocket of the High Country.