A Panoramic Pilgrimage - Valley View Walk

Allan's Flat Reserve

One of the best parts about visiting Victoria’s High Country, is that we make it easy-peasy to get your walk on. No need to spend hours trawling through random websites or getting lost in google maps. We’ve done the walks, and now we’re talking the talk… well typing the type for you. Each walk is bundled up neatly with pictures, maps and a few secrets along the way. You can pull on those walking shoes on a whim or plan your weekend adventures in advance with a iron-clad itinerary.


Another way we’ve made it quick and easy for you to get your walking fix, is to offer a decent range of easy, and a few challenging walks, accessible from the centre of town. One of those being the Valley View Walk in oh-so-charming Yackandandah. As the fairly obvious title suggests, there will be valleys and there will be views. There will also be a few steep hills and uneven surfaces, so lace up those boots and keep your wits about you.


This walk is also perfect if you have a hard time leaving your fur baby at home. As long as you keep Spot/Fido/Malcolm on his leash, you can assemble your wolf pack and head for the hills. There are actually quite a few walks around the region that are dog friendly, just keep your eye out for the little paw symbol marked in each walk listing. 🐾


This walk is just shy of 3km, and takes you on a loop, following the ridge of Bushranger Hill. If you hadn’t worked it out by now, this beautiful country was quite the magnet for those hairy scallywags. If you squint your right eye, lean your head to the side and stand on one leg, you can almost make out the silhouette of Dan ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan (sounds like a charming lad) galloping along the ridge on a stolen racehorse. 


From this ridgeline, point yourself in the south-easterly direction (remember Never Eat Soggy Weetbix?!) and scan the horizon for Mt Big Ben, some 13km away from where you’re standing. Soak in those panoramic views, take a deep breath and snap a few dozen selfies. And remember, If you didn’t post it, did it even happen? 


Wrapping up in the centre of town, make sure you’ve got time, because we’ve got the goods. Stumble in and out of charming shops and galleries, before winding up your ambling adventure at one of the many popular cafes… or if a tipple is calling, pull up a pew at one of the two inviting hotels and quench that hard earned thirst.